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Wedding Dress "Amber"
Wedding Dress "Amber"
Wedding Dress "Amber"
Wedding Dress "Amber"

Wedding Dress "Amber"

Regular price $650.00

Wedding Dress " Amber"

The wedding dress is made of lace of incredible beauty. 
Amazing shimmering fabric give this wedding dress a special charm and sophistication. This dress is suitable for any figure and will successfully emphasize the figure of the bride and her femininity.Skirt of several layers of tulle with a lining and shiny gliter.

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Since each dress is made to order, you can choose a different color satin lining. Click the Link to VIEW VIDEO

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* * * Description Wedding Dresses "Vera" * * *

luxurious white wedding dress Delightful wedding outfit of light fabric. Wedding dress with an open back. Click the link to View VIDEO

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* * * * Unique Wedding Dress Only For You * * * *

I can help you conceptualize a unique design or create something you've long wished for from a photo. 

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