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We are two designers: Potapenko Olga and Yanchenko Tatyana. We create dresses for brides from America, Canada, Germany, Ukraine and other countries. Each dress that we create is selected individually for the bride.


We find great joy in creating dresses that people will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives through memories and pictures, and maybe passing the dress we make down to their daughter! The collections we make have a very romantic and ethereal style creating a lightness and weightlessness to the wedding dresses. From Boho themed weddings to beach themed, and even the fairy themed weddings, our dresses will give you the elegant, ethereal look you are going for along with the lightness to be comfortable on your special day.

Our dresses are creations from our heart, so while making them they are infused with our love and good wishes for the bride on her wedding day. we take great pride in every dress we send out.


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